Mesquite, the Pride of TEXAS B-B-Q.

Hey, I'm thinking TEXAS BBQ!

When thinking of Texas BBQ, the mesquite tree stands out in the world of Barbeque and grilling. It also covers half the state and is widely available.

This type wood burns hot, and smokes heavy, excellent for larger cuts of beef. Its flavor is distinct, sweet, and smoky.

There is no lack of flavor with TEXAS BBQ WOOD Mesquite. Mesquite compliments brisket, ribeye, and whole chickens as far as barbecueing. It is also commonly used in grilling steaks and hamburgers, as it is the only wood that can put enough smoke out to taste it in the short time of cooking a steak or hamburger.

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Mesquite logs

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Which un you want? Barbecues are a very popular get together all over the U.S. Great company and the great outdoors with your barbecue is a memorable experience and more so when you have your very own smoker. It is possible to bring out a special flavor in some vegetables as well if you know how and corn of the cob is delicious after it has been smoked to perfection. You can have a look at the types of barbecue wood that are available. TEXAS BBQ WOOD will always have plentiful quantities of mesquite barbecue wood , pecan wood, and others.

After you have tried your hand at smoking different meats then you will know that mesquite barbecue wood chips bring out a rare and special flavor in meat that is unbelievable. If you have never smoked food at a barbecue before, then you are most certainly in for a treat because now you can own a combination grill smoker that will make your barbecue occasions memorable every time. Initially you may want to experiment with the different types of wood chips and you will see that we have many other flavors available with mesquite being just one example of them.

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TEXAS BBQ SMOKING WOOD can be used for smoking meats, poultry, fish, and vegetables. If you have a smoker grill, you can use wood chunks alone in the smoker box to provide plenty of smoke for your food. The wood fire, once started, can be easily maintained by adding wood chunks as needed. TEXAS BBQ SMOKING WOOD makes it easy to maintain a steady long-term smoke source or a short term smoking for items such as burgers or steak.

TEXAS BBQ SMOKING WOOD chunks can also be used to add flavor when you are cooking with charcoal. Once your charcoal is nearly ready for cooking, add several chunks of mesquite, pecan, oak, or another wood you prefer, directly onto the charcoal. Before adding wood chunks to your charcoal, pre-soak them in water for at least ten minutes..

TEXAS BBQ SMOKING WOOD has mesquite, pecan, oak, maple, and other BBQ smoking wood to enhance the flavor of your grilled food


chunks of flavor


don't need no ketchup    Taste like GOOD chicken    Are we drooling yet?
Where there is SMOKE, there is FLAVOR!

There are two reasons to keep the temperature low. One is to give the smoke enough time to sink in and add flavor, the other is to naturally tenderize the meat. Slow cooking gives the natural fibers in meat time to break down and become tender.


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Logs, Chunks, or "Bits"
Bring that TEXAS 'Smoked B-B-Q' flavor to the party!

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chunks of flavor

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