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Jimmy James house painting. call at    817-426-1828    or    E-MAIL Jimmy James house painting.

Connie's Estate Service provides services for Alvarado ; Briaroaks ; Burleson ; Cleburne ; Cresson ; Cross Timber ; Crowley ; Godley ; Grandview ; Joshua ; Keene ; Mansfield ; Rio Vista ; Venus and the surrounding Ft. Worth, Forest Hills, Everman and Arlington areas.

Mrs Connie C. James


Our Estate Services extends to far more than just hauling off junk, debris, and unwanted items.

If you have recently acquired a house because the renter has moved out or through the loss of a loved one, Connie’s Estate Service is here to help you prepare the residence for future opportunities.

During a time of grief, when a loved one is gone, it is a hard time to make decisions. We can help identify which items are heirlooms and should be preserved, and what items whose value can best be realized by offering on e-bay, in which we can assist by our E-Bay Services.

And when the house is cleared, we can offer a fair bid on painting and repair to ready the house for the future.

How may we help you

Saving you time and making you some money

Extra muscle to efficiently handle your toughest clean-up needs.
Connies's Estate Service
visit our E-Bay Guru Assistant
and Consulting Service site
E-Bay Assistant
Restore and Increase the value of your property with a fresh coat of paint.
Stars and Stripes Painting
Need help with fliers or mass mailings for a quick Sell or Rent
AG Printing and Publishing
Or cater an Open House, "toll in prospective buyers"-Bar-B-Que
Southern Touch Catering
Consider something like Fudge or Cookies from our GOURMET Shop
JamesEnterprises Gourmet Foods
Say you found some old coins while cleaning and want to know what they are worth!
Coin Guy of Johnson Co.
If all this excitment has given you the munchies
Jerky King Jerky

Jimmy James house painting. call at    817-426-1828    or    E-MAIL Jimmy James house painting.

when You need
some extra

We clear out Barns and sheds


We have the labor pool and resources to handle cleanup jobs


We can help you pick out the treasure from the trash

We know what sells, and where to sell it!!

Kind of like paying yourself to clean up the property.

Remember!! Just junk and clutter

We are Not house cleaners.

Call or come by
for a duscussion on how we can best help you move forward.

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Joshua, TX 76058